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Smart key using remote synchronization function

Crypto Limited group provides key technical products which are the applications of  "Complete Cipher" that NTI inc. successfully completed for the first time in the world.


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Complete Cipher

Cryptographic technology consists of encryption algorithms and encryption keys since ancient times.  In order to strengthen the encryption, it is conceivable to

① make the encryption algorithm more complicated or

② increase the number encryption keys.


However, even if the method ① or ② is extremely good, it is impossible to create a cipher that cannot be deciphered.  Most of the current cryptographic technologies are based on what a huge amount of computation is necessary to decipher and it is the fact that it cannot be said that it is never decipherable.  Therefore, when the performance of the computer improves, the possibility of being deciphered increases, so it is necessary to use a more complicated encryption algorithm or to increase the number of encryption keys by lengthening the encryption key length. 


In the quantum computing era of the near future, cryptographic technologies which are theoretically undecipherable are required. 

The answer to this challenging problem in this human history is the encryption scheme devised in 1918 by Gilbert Sandford Vernam (1890 - 1960) who worked for AT&T, and in 1949 Claude Elwood Shannon (1916-2001) proved undecipherable under certain conditions and this algorithm is called Vernam cipher or one-time pad.

As a result, for the complete cipher, only Key Transfer Problem had been the last remaining issue until NTI Inc. solved.


4 Major Threats of

Information Security

There are four major threats to information security, which are information theft , falsification of information, and spoofing in addition to cyber security.   All of  4 threats can be protected only by "complete cipher".



6Pay Project

 Conventionally  credit service, debit service, and prepaid service definitely require dedicated communication lines and dedicated readers.  6-pay is a 6 digit number system, which realizes same services without those lines or readers at all.

Internet Notarization Project

 Internet Notarization provides a system for notarizing contracts and ledgers on the Internet and storing those important files.



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